Please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure timely removal of you trash.

1. The correct placement of the curbside receptacle to allow the automated system to work effectively is to have the wheels of the receptacle facing your home.

2. If you have a single extra bag please place on top of receptacle. If you have extra bags Industrial Disposal will pick up.

3. Large items to be disposed of, such as chairs, couches and water heaters, will now be picked up on the last regular pick-up day of the month. The same rules apply as with our annual dumpster service.


The following items will never be picked up:
auto fluids
propane tanks
liquid paints and thinners
medical-biohazard needles
oxygen tanks
absolutely no demolition construction material (bathtubs, drywall etc.)


These items will be picked up under certain conditions:
Card board boxes must be broken down.
Freon must be removed for refrigeration units & tagged by licensed technician.
Bar-b-ques and lawn mowers must be broken down with no combustibles attached.
Swing sets and basketball goals must be cut into 3ft. sections.
All tree limbs and branches must be cut no longer than four feet, stacked and bundled with rope.


Recycling service occurs bi-weekly.  Those that do not currently have a recycle bin can contact the City  Clerk to have one delivered.  Listed below are acceptable and unacceptable items



Plastic #1: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE)
Common uses: 2 liter soda bottles, cooking oil bottles, peanut butter jars.

Plastic #2: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Common uses: detergent bottles, milk jugs.

Plastic #3: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Common uses: plastic pipes, outdoor furniture, shrink wrap, water bottles, salad dressing and liquid detergent containers. Please note that plastic bags are not accepted for recycling curbside. However, local grocery stores accept plastic bags for recycling. Please remove food waste and receipts.

Plastic #4: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Common uses: dry cleaning bags, produce bags, trash can liners, food storage containers.

Plastic #5: Polypropylene (PP)
Common uses: bottle caps, drinking straws.

Plastic #6: Polystyrene (PS)
Common uses: packaging pellets or "Styrofoam peanuts," cups, plastic tableware, meat trays, to-go "clam shell" containers.

Plastic #7: Other
Common uses: certain kinds of food containers and Tupperware. This plastic category, as its name of "other" implies, is any plastic other than the named #1-#6 plastic types. These containers can be any of the several different types of plastic polymers.

Aluminum Beverage Containers
Tin Food Cans
Glass Bottles/Jars
Slick Advertisements
Cardboard (2 ft X 2 ft)
Phone Books
White paper

Plastic Grocery Bags
Plastic TV trays
Window Glass
Light bulbs


Large Item Pick-up:

Normal junk pickup consists of hot water heaters, washers, dryers, dishwashers, couches, chairs. Coffee / end tables, misc. boxed toys, garage items, tools, grilles, bicycles, lawn mowers, refrigerators* etc. The following is a general guideline of what is NOT ACCEPTABLE for junk pickup of “normal" household solid waste.


 Demolition / construction material ..studs.drywa11.sinks, tubs, toilets . A dumpster is required for construction, renovation , redecorating.  Cabinets must be broken down to small pieces no longer than 4-5'.   If items can fit into a 90 gal ID cart they are acceptable. 

 Large amounts of fencing ...a few planks may be ok if no longer than 4-5ft. in  length...must be tied and bundled for pickup.  No concrete… blocks, bricks etc.

 No liquids of any kind...paint, thinners, pesticides household cleaners, motor oils,  fuels.  Wet paint can be "solidified" with kitty litter or granular absorbent material from automotive supply stores. 

 No medical bio-hazards...sharps, chemo diapers, oxygen tanks.

 Lawn mowers must have gas tanks removed and broken down as much as possible.      

 Gas grilles are acceptable... with no propane tanks of any kind...grilles must have   tank removed and broken down as much as possible.

 Swing sets and basketball goals must be broken down as much as possible… no pieces more than 4-5ft long... no concrete on legs or base.

 Mailboxes cannot be more than 4-5' long and no concrete on base.

       No large car parts...fenders, hoods, trunk lids etc. No tires of any kind. 

 *Freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners - must have Freon / refrigerant captured and removed by certified HVAC technician and unit tagged for acceptable pickup. Freon is considered hazardous waste.

 No landscaping material such as...logs, railroad ties, landscape timbers or concrete blocks. NO dirt, sod.

 No yard waste fire logs, stumps, shrubs etc. (Chipping service available in November)




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